Stuff your escort like a turkey this Christmas

19th Oct 2018 Off By Sandwich Lovers

Stuff your escort like a turkey this Christmas

Stuff your escort like a turkey this Christmas by ensuring you are prepared. Organization and preparation are key for having the best Christmas day ever. It is advisable to be organised and pre-book your escort in advance at Christmas, to avoid disappointment. Escorts are in big demand at this time of the year, due to all the parties and events requiring companionship. It is the time of the year, where no one want to stuff their turkeys on their own.

The term “to stuff your escort like a Turkey” is the act of “stuffing” an escorts vagina or orifice with male genitalia. It is an innuendo for having sex with an escort.

“He laid her on the table, so white clean and bare.
His forehead wet with beads of sweat, he rubbed her here and there.
He touched her neck and then her breast, then drooling felt her thigh.
The slit was wet and all was set, he gave a joyous cry.
The hole was wide…he looked inside, all was dark and murky.
He rubbed his hands and stretched his arms…
And then he stuffed the turkey”.

For some men, Christmas can be a lonely time of the year. But escorts provide companionship and sex during the festive period, so men can enjoy the Christmas festivities. Eating out can be expensive at Christmas. And you may want some privacy at the dining table if you are having Christmas dinner with an escort. Far too many restaurants cram tables in and charge ridiculous money for a Christmas meal. With a family or over excited kids almost sat on top of you, it’s impossible to openly talk to an escort.

Therefore, many clients are choosing to book an escort for Christmas day and cook their turkey dinners at home. Cooking together can be great fun! Sharing a glass of wine and listening to Christmas carols as you flirt with your escort can make a memorable Christmas. Ensuring you have all of the ingredients can avoid disappointment. Turkey stuffing can be bought already prepared in packets where hot water and better is added. Stuffing is dried breadcrumbs, sausage meat, onion, celery, salt, pepper and usually the herb sage. You must put the stuffing onto your hands and insert it into the Turkey. In a sexual sense, it is an innuendo for placing your fingers inside the escorts vagina. After a delicious turkey dinner, you and your escort will be stuffed! There is plenty of time to then stuff your escort like a turkey. Depending how your escort likes it, you can stuff her slowly and gently. Or maybe she would prefer to be stuffed deep and hard?

It is important that you choose an escort who likes being stuffed like a turkey. The escort must be compatible to the client’s needs. There is no point booking an escort who does not like Turkey stuffing at Christmas. This could ruin the entire experience with an escort at Christmas time.

Remember free range turkeys are more fun to stuff then battery turkeys!