Fish Finger Sandwiches in London 

26th July 2018 Off By Sandwich Lovers

Imagine my surprise when I travelled to the capital city to meet London escorts and was presented with a fish finger sandwich by a beautiful hostess in the hotel. The presentation and attention to detail of this sandwich was mind blowing. This sexual sandwich was great value for money, two fish fingers inserted between my buns left me more than pleased after it was through, but still craving the taste for weeks after the encounter with the escorts in London. When i return to London, i will purchase another fish finger sandwich with homemade sauce, and ill bring a good friend along to enjoy the ride. These sandwiches will take your breath away and will be on your mind for months after you’ve tried them. Fish fingers sandwiches are common in England and enjoyed by millions of people all up and down the country both as a snack, or a main meal. Typically, tomato sauce is used to make the sandwich even more delicious. An alternative fish finger sandwich would consist of three people, the female would smell of fish down below and she would be on her period to emulate the tomato sauce. Tip: If you book escorts in London who are on their period on a hot day, they will naturally have a funky oder down there, because the blood in their sanitary towel would have somewhat cooked and made it smell a lot like fish. The sexual fish finger sandwich is rather messy and is an acquired taste. If you love a fish finger sandwich as much as i do, you can add more fish fingers, or add an extra layer of bread to make a fish finger tower sandwich, which, in sexual terms would be to add an extra female into the mix and make the experience twice as memorable. Adding an extra person will turn your threesome, known as a sandwich, into an orgy – Something which is not for a faint hearted person.

This is only for those who are sexual fish finger sandwich fanatics. If you have booked with London escorts before for such services and have some experience withing such services. They by all means, go ahead and have a fish finer orgy with escorts in London! You will not live to regret it!

Some people think that fish finger sandwiches, which are of the sexual nature, are not for them. Upon having it being described to you. You might think that it is a little too erotic and dirty for your liking. Although, once you have given the fish finger sandwich a go with one of these London escort girls, you will be wanting to have another sandwich each day of the week!