Finger Sandwiches in Coventry

26th July 2018 Off By Sandwich Lovers

A finger sandwich is very popular in Coventry! They are small and commonly eaten in the afternoon as a snack to fill the gaping hole inside your stomach until your main meal. You don’t want our escort friends to get ‘Hangry’ now do you? However, having two instead of one should make this sandwich just as good as your main meal. After all, everyone likes a good finger! Men like to finger and Coventry escorts like to have a finger. But unlike your regular Sandwich, you wont get through this one in under five minutes. This sexual finger sandwich is prepared in the kitchen in under 5 minutes. You can prepare the sandwich with one or two fingers – Or even more if you are feeling adventurous and your escort in Coventry is up for it, and believe me, the females love it! Having a finger sandwich in the kitchen is a different location to experiment with. Adding to the excitement even more. It is recommended you use a private kitchen to prepare your finger sandwiches. Although, if you are in the need of a bit of an adrenaline rush, you could always use a more public kitchen and hope you don’t get caught – You don’t want everyone knowing your finger sandwich ticks and tips do you! Getting intimate with a Coventry Escort in a kitchen will really spice up not just your meal, but your whole evening. If you find that finger sandwiches are too filling for your stomach, you could always try whats known as a dainty finger sandwich. Dainty finger sandwiches are much smaller than finger sandwiches and you can place them into your mouth until you are not hungry anymore. In terms of a sexual dainty finger sandwich, you will need a dainty escort girl from Coventry who is up for the task. There are many dainty escorts available in Coventry who would join you willingly in your kitchen for a finger sandwich. Finger sandwiches taste better when they are fresh and have fillings or toppings melted on top of them, just like a Coventry escort. If you cant decide whether to eat a finger sandwich or have a sexual finger sandwich, then it should be seriously considered to have them both.

But, lets face it. Most men and women book with escorts Coventry to use their fingers for more pleasurable and exciting things than eating. It is a good job that a lot of escorts in the area are open minded. Letting you put your fingers into any hole you desire. They love it! Especially when such things are used in foreplay to get them, and you, ready for the main event.

However, there are dinner date appointments which you can book with Coventry escorts. In which you can try our a real finger sandwich beforehand, with a glass of wine. Then, you and your friend take her back to your apartment, while one fingers her in the ass and the other in the vagina. Or in other words, give her a sexual finger sandwich. This is sure to give her maximum satisfaction and give you a very erotic view too. Ensuring that you get your escorts in Coventry so hot and horny, they will be super eager to pleasure you both!