Bacon Butties in Leeds 

26th July 2018 Off By Sandwich Lovers

During the summer holidays, i drove my Ford, with my Leeds escort inside to the city centre to find an establishment that serves Bacon Butties. It was important to find a sandwich that made my mouth drool and excitement levels rise. Yes, of course i was going to have tomato sauce too… and lots of butter hmmm. I searched the whole of Leeds to find something that i would put into my mouth without thinking twice about doing so. I needed a sandwich with a great service, so it had to be a Bacon butty! And a good cup of coffee to finish my sexual sandwich session. Normally, a sandwich consists of two pieces of bread and a filling, but my bacon butty consisted of two fillings which were plentiful and i was the piece of bacon sandwiched in between, all whilst their juice ran down the back of my throat. A classic bacon butty in Leeds is the Yorkshire Back Bacon Sandwich.  A real genuine feast, sure to satisfy anybody’s needs and wants. Although it is most popular at breakfast, the British people enjoy Bacon Butties at any time of the day, because they’re so delicious, even more so if you add English tomato sauce or HP Brown sauce. Try a Bacon buttie and see for yourself that its rich in flavour. I would also recommend you try streaky bacon in your bacon sandwich. In comparison to a sexual bacon butty, all friends would be fully naked and smothered in a form of grease to enable your bodies to slide against each other. If you are very creative and adventurous and enjoy food play, you could even smother yourself in Bacon and sauces associated with bacon butties. Bacon butty sauces can also be licked off your friends bodies. Bacon butties are the ultimate favourite of the English community. Leeds have been voted the best bacon butties in Butties, in regards to the sexual ones which you can have with one of the Leeds escorts from the large choice of women available to you.

Eventually i found my bacon buttie in a cute and quiet little cafe and then took my escort in Leeds back to my hotel room to give her a sexual bacon sandwich of her own. I called my male friend to come and join us, to ensure that she got her holes rammed unlike ever before.

I was surprised by how much she loved being given a sensual bacon sandwich. She screamed and moaned and gasped for breath, as she squirmed with true delight and satisfaction. It was a memory that will forever stay in my mind. I came so quickly because of the girl i selected from Leeds escorts agency. She really was the best!