Are you looking for a way to increase your health? Here at Tenex Health we have many patients that come to us. In search of a way to improve their sexual health with escorts. We have designed a number of sandwiches of the naughty nature to assist them in doing just this! We have assembled our website to share this knowledge with you. So now you too can increase your sexual well being, mental health and general wellbeing. Try our sandwiches today!

This page will tell you all the information that you could ever want or need about being sandwiched and how to make a tasty sandwich. This page will also give you the opportunity to read other peoples experiences with the exact same thing, so those who are unfamiliar with the subject of being sandwiched can help grasp the concept.

what is the definition of a sandwich or being sandwiched

An item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with a filling between them, eaten as a light meal.
“a ham sandwich” for example.
insert or squeeze someone between two other people or things, typically in sexual manner or a restricted space or so as to be uncomfortable.
“the girl was sandwiched between two burly men in the back of the car”
The verb, to sandwich, is dated back to 1815, it originally meant, to have a light meal.
However, this is no longer the case, as escorts from Birmingham know too well, what the other meaning physically entails.

Welcome to the world of sandwiches, where sandwiches are not what they appear to be. Eating your favourite sandwich will never be the same again! Especially when your sandwiched between 2 big, hard and horny black men! From the beginning of time, people have always loved sandwiches, and not just the ones which you eat. Imagine, having your mouth filled with your favourite creamy sandwich, all whilst you get creampied by two handsome men. Maybe you would prefer a crusty sandwich, with cream cheese, served by 2 old men. The possibilities of sandwiches are endless. So, let your imagination run wild, book an escort and then watch how your thoughts unfold before your eyes and turn into reality. You will be nothing less than pleased! 

Some people ask about the types of clients an escort in Birmingham would normally get. Well to be honest there is no one type of person that escorts see. Although we have in recent years, discovered many Birmingham escorts turn to us on a regular basis on a regular basis for advice when it comes to sexual sandwiches. As the clients all have one thing in common – They all want to sandwich their escorts with one of their friends! They also tend to attract a lot of weirdos. Only last week two Birmingham escorts had to make a sandwich for a 75 year old with a corn on his bell end and grape like things hanging from his anus. But he loved the sandwich in which we gave the recipe for!!


sexual sandwiches


A typical English sandwich is cucumber, cut into triangles. Get adventurous, put a cucumber up your arse hole and get sandwiched by 2 english men. This is a perfect example of sexual sandwiches with escorts. Are you left unsatisfied by your typical sandwich. Then why not spice things up with a Barbecue Bacon Chicken, also known as a BBC sandwich. In terms of a sexual sandwich,  BBC is the abbreviation used to describe a Big Black Cock. A popular sandwich in Indian restaurants are tandoori chicken sandwiches. Thus being 2 Asian men sandwiching a beautiful Asian escort within the city of Birmingham. 


Asian sexual sandwich

A Christmas sandwich which is always a great sandwich to share with your friends is a Turkey and stuffing sandwich. Watching your friends stuff a tight hole with their turkey gobbler can be great entertainment. Its important to clench your fist and stuff the turkeys hole and ram as much in as you can, as possible, to ensure your pleasure. Adding a form of lubricant, like butter always helps the stuffing to slip in better. You can also add a little, hot drizzle or cranberry sauce for extra pleasure. Although, if you are after a sexual sandwich you would be better to use K-Y Jelly, when it comes to stuffing your escort. With you being the filling! We were recently contracted by a Birmingham escort agency to make a whole round of these healthy sandwiches! They tell us that for 2 years afterwards not one of their girls needed to see a dr. Now you just do not get better health than that!



Alternative sandwiches, can include any ingredients or people you desire, providing they are willing to enjoy your feast of  delights. If your friends are not open minded enough to experiment with sandwiches, you can always book an escort. There are plenty of escorts in birmingham who are willing to join you for a bite to eat and a sandwich of the more sexual natural once you get to the ‘alone time’ part of your encounter together. 

sandwich platter selection

If you like the sound of sexual sandwich, you can always contract one of the Birmingham escort girls who are local to the area. We have worked with many of them over the years here at Tenex Health and can recommend some wonderful escorts to you.

There are various positions you can take, to make a sexual sandwich in Birmingham with an escort. Whether you want to use the floor, the wall or just simply a bed. The possibilities are endless, for sure. So grab a friend and find the girl who catches both your eyes and his and let the fun begin.

The sandwich was invented by a British man, named John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich in 1762. They are sold and eaten in nearly every restaurant, cafe and eating houses in Britain. Sexual sandwiches are very common, involving three people of all sexual orientations and genders. They are normally held at private locations around Britain, including homes, hotels, massage parlors or brothels. 

After reading our blog, we hope you can decide which sandwich you would prefer!